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SPIDER Elementary

What is SPIDER Elementary?

SPIDER Elementary is a School District 46 Distributed/Online Learning Program. This means we allow students to connect with a teacher in a variety of ways.

Enrolment with SPIDER requires families to commit to meeting our Minimum Requirements and provides families access to a pool of resources. Families are free to make use of as many or few of these resources as suits their needs.

Specifically these resources include:

  • A Teacher Consultant to help with creating a Learning Plan, meeting educational objectives, and assessing student learning.

  • Learning in Community Programming twice a week. Tuesdays at Roberts Creek and Thursdays at Camp Byng. * NOTE: This may be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic*

  • Multiple extended experiences (field trips) per term, both on and off the Sunshine Coast. * NOTE: This may be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic*

  • A Resource Lending Library to support learning in all subject areas (text books, manipulatives, early readers, science kits, etc).

  • Learning Funds to be spent on resources or activities that support the learning objectives outline in the Learning Plan.

Unique features of SPIDER are:

  • We allow families to take an active role in their children’s learning, while also enjoying the opportunity to learn in community, all with the support of a Teacher Consultant.

  • We are a Parent Participation program. Parents are generally expected to attend and participate in programming and events with their students.  *NOTE: This may be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic*

  • An emphasis on hands-on learning, time spent outside, and learning from experts when possible.

  • A family friendly environment that enables siblings of all ages to be present. * NOTE: This may be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic*

Interested in registering with SPIDER? Click here!
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